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Announcing the Strawberry Mansion Historic Home Repair Program!

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Strawberry Mansion Community Development Corporation (SMCDC) wants to help homeowners stay and thrive in their homes!

What is the Strawberry Mansion Historic Home Repair Program?

Strawberry Mansion Community Development Corporation (SMCDC), Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), and local partners are launching a Historic Home Repair Program in Strawberry Mansion! The program is designed to help homeowners stay in their homes, maintain the historic character of their homes, and build wealth.

What will the program provide?

The program will provide: 

  • Basic systems repairs to improve safety and efficiency and to preserve the unique architectural qualities of Strawberry Mansion. Repairs may address roof issues; broken windows and doors; heating, electric, or plumbing issues; structural hazards; safety/accessibility issues; or other exterior/interior concerns.

  • Homeowner resources to help you keep and maintain your home in the long term, in addition to workshops on financial planning and estate planning.

Who should apply for the Strawberry Mansion Historic Home Repair Program?

You should apply if you:

  • Live within one of the three program areas shown on pgs. 3 – 4 of the application

  • Have owned and lived in your home for at least five (5) years

  • Can demonstrate ownership of your home, or secure title within three (3) months of application approval

  • Need basic systems repair and/or weatherization services made to your home

  • Meet program income requirements

  • Are current or under a payment agreement for your property taxes and your water bill

  • Are willing to cooperate throughout the repair process and participate in homeowner workshops and post-repair evaluations

If you need assistance with the title to your home or establishing a payment agreement for your property taxes and water bill, you may contact the SMCDC staff at 215-235-7505.

Who will administer and perform the repairs for the Strawberry Mansion Historic Home Repair Program?

SMCDC, with support from LISC, will administer the program. Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia (HFHP), with support from Mdesigns + MWJ Consulting, will complete the repair work. Both organizations are licensed, insured, and experienced in leading home repair efforts in Philadelphia. For more information on HFHP and Mdesigns, please visit and Any work agreements will be between SMCDC and the homeowner.

Who will pay for the repairs?

This program is supported by the William Penn Foundation and the City of Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation. The homeowner will have NO repair costs. 

How will COVID-19 affect this program? 

All program partners are following COVID-19 guidelines from the CDC and the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. Workshops will be held virtually until conditions allow for safe, in-person gatherings. Repair contractors will complete a standard screening test before entering each home and participating homeowners will be required to comply with COVID-19 screening procedures. Procedures and safety protocols will be provided by the Home Repair Team.

How do I apply for the program?

Interested homeowners may apply or learn more by calling Strawberry Mansion CDC at 215235-7505 or e-mailing

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