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SMCDC and Ready To Work Interns Set the Summer on Fire!

Greetings Partners, I hope all is well. Special thanks to State Senator Vincent Hughes and the Urban League of Philadelphia for providing this opportunity for the SMCDC to employ 8 youth (ages 15-20 yrs) and further impact the lives of our Mansion residents. Our RTW (Ready To Work) Interns did an amazing job engaging our community and learning job skills by weekly participation in the following activities with the SMCDC and our neighborhood partners:

  • Planting, harvesting and maintaining community plots and assisting Seniors with their plots at the Strawberry Mansion Resource Garden

  • Inventoried and stocked a food cupboard managed by Brothers of Strawberry Mansion.

  • Prepared sandwiches and side dishes at Caring for Friends.

  • Data entry for the Strawberry Mansion NAC (SMNAC) Energy Assistance Programs.

  • Intake assistance for the SMNAC Rental Assistance Program.

  • Tabling events that included distribution of information on voter registration, Child Tax Credit, Rental Assistance, & many other SMCDC Initiatives.

  • Neighborhood survey on beautifying park corridors and communication methods.

  • Light office duties for the SMCDC (filing, sorting, copying etc).

In addition to the activities, each intern completed the program with the following:

  • Updated resume (including RTW Summer 2021)

  • Savings account

  • Financial Literacy (Workshop by Fadeyibi Development)

  • Career exploration

  • Job references

All 8 expressed their gratitude for the program: "Thanks to the SMCDC for giving me great knowledge and positive people in my life." Octavia Perry (18) "I'm grateful for this program because it helped me earn money to help with my college expenses." Diamond Wright (18) "I didn't realize all these things that were happening in my community. This program was great!" Ahmair Freeman (15) "This internship was fun. I got to meet more of my peers from the neighborhood while helping people. Strawberry Mansion has many great places and people who care. I'll miss it and them when I'm away at college" Lucas Graham (17) "My family always shares stories about growing up in Strawberry Mansion. This program helped me see why they love it so much. It still is a good neighborhood." William Tomlin Jr (20) "Young people need opportunities like this to help them become more responsible for making our neighborhoods better. I'm glad to be a part of this program." Makayla Mallery (15) Wow, this was my first job! I like working with people and I like making money. I definitely will take the skills I learned in this program and use them at my next job!" Makiah McDuffy (16)

We're truly grateful for the opportunity to cultivate our future community leaders. They were a funny, pleasant group who were eager to learn and ready to work. We'll be keeping tabs on them for sure! Please see the link below for pictures highlighting our activities. Feel free to contact me as needed. Thanks again! In community, Tonnetta Graham Executive Director

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